I say recent because I have never done any but then this happened. Someone close was asking what to put on their walls. I suggested that we look at their photos and whichever they choose I would work from it. That’s MORNING IN THE WOODS and FUNGI. The medium is oil pastel on textured canvas; I have never been strictly a painter.

Sometime later other friends shared some photos on Facebook that they taken while hiking last fall. They were beautiful shots of places on the Bruce Trail. A conversation ensued about what I could do with their chosen photo and soon enough we had agreed on size, price and a monthly payment plan. It was fun to work on this project because it fulfills something for my friends and I got to “spend time in place” I had not visited for awhile. The more I looked at the photo the more I found to draw; it was amazing. My friends will soon have their oil pastel on canvas called WALK IN THE WOOD

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