Tai Kim’s work featured at Peter Tosh Museum

I recently met Tai at the Women’s Art Association and then saw this today.

In Tai’s own words:

Here’s my story of Peter Tosh’s museum donation.

Reggae musician “Peter Tosh’ has been fought for legalized cannabis for a long year before he got murdered.

Because of my Cancer fight and as a reggae musician I do have a big admiration toward him so I made portraits.

I do have a connection with this museum and Peter tosh’s daughter Niambe McIntosh

Niambe is a big important figure about medical Cannabis.

So I am thinking in the future I can ask her to do some information lecture about medical Cannabis for elder members. Right now Canada we got realized cannabis but people’s misinformation toward this plant is a huge problem.

And here’s my performance at legalized celebration night.  I was the opening the night. Because of South Korea’s sick people. I sang in the Korean language. This was all over the news.


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